Sanding a worn parquet in Amsterdam. Competitive price

Sanding a worn parquet in Amsterdam.  Competitive price

Sanding a worn parquet in Amsterdam.  Competitive price. 

Advice from parquet and wooden floor professionals: how and at what cost can you sand your worn parquet floor?

Sanding a parquet floor gives it a new lease of life. A new fure so to speak. The surface of the floor is smooth, clean and flat again. Whether it's parquet or solid oak planks, the wood is stripped bare to be able to give it the finish of your own choice. With a few exceptions, the operation requires only some little efforts and a drop of sweat here and there.

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Parquet sanding in Amsterdam. Quotation

Sanding a worn parquet in Amsterdam. de Vloerderij since 1996

The question to ask is: "When should you sand a worn floor? ".

Sanding your parquet floor is in fact the same as renovating it. If you want to recover the "old" charm, sanding your floor is the best solution. Sanding a worn parquet floor it’s about time one hear you say.

When should you sand a worn floor? This is what a wood floor specialist does every day.

If you are renovating or want to replace damaged boards, than sanding is necessary. However, your floor must be in relatively good condition of course. If it is too damaged, you may have to replace it altogether and buy a new one. If you sand down a worn parquet floor, it can be given a new lease of life a new future so to say. You can remove the old layer of lacquer or oil, remove any stains or simply start again. Sanding a worn parquet in Amsterdam you woul;d be astonished

Let's take a look at all the materials needed for sanding your floor. 

Sanding down a worn floor is no small task.  An average parquet floor can easily take 15 hours to sand. In Amsterdam it can be more, because there are fewer parking spaces and the traffic is heavy on the roads of the small canals. Sometimes we meet crazy situation.

It should not be forgotten that oiling a floor takes less time than varnishing the floor. Varnishing often has to be done 3 times at intervals of several hours. Worn parquet should therefore  be oiled.

Then there is the final color to be applied after the floor has been freshly sanded. Here again, you can choose between a colored varnish or a colored (hardwax) oil. This is clearly a question of common sense, as both variants are technically 100% correct. No doubt about it.

Sanding a worn parquet in Amsterdam. 100 % garanteed. 

If you would like more information about sanding your worn-out parquet floor, call us right away. Or send us an e-mail message. But it might be better to fill in the quote (Offerte) form. You will be surprised at the final amount. Thanks to our many years ( Since 1996) of experience, we work very quickly but offer craftsmanship and offer very competitive prices.

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